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The coffee is a fermented beverage drink, which is prepared from coffee beans which have been roasted and the seeds are gotten from the berries of the Coffea plant. The coffee plant is divided into a wide variety of other plants and it is native to temperate Africa, especially from places which are on the eastern parts of Africa like the Sudan, Ethiopia, Madagascar, the Mauritius islands, Comoros and the reunion islands of the Indian Ocean. The coffee plant was once exported from the region of Africa to the Arabian countries and then it moved to countries located around the world.

As of today, the coffee plant is harvested in as many as 70 countries, mostly located in the equatorial provinces of the American continent, the southeastern parts of Asia, the Indian country and the temperate countries of Africa. The most common two species of the coffee plant, which is relatively grown is Robusta and the Arabica. When the coffee berries are ripened they are handpicked, processed and put out to dry. The dried coffee berries, which are also referred to as coffee beans are then roasted to wanted degrees but the roasting is dependent on the type of flavor which is involved. The roasted beans are then ground into powder and then fermented in boiling water as to produce the coffee berries as a beverage which it is known to be consumed as.


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SThe coffee is lightly an acidic beverage and this constitute for the reason of it having an exciting effect on anyone who takes the beverage, the stimulating effect arise as a result of the caffeine which is one of the most active ingredients in the coffee bean drink. The coffee drink is undoubtedly today one of the most popular drink in the world as it comes second to the tea or even it is as equal as the tea drink. The coffee drink can be prepared and offered in many hosts of ways.

It can be presented as an espresso, a French press, a café latte, as a cappuccino and other ways. The drink is usually served in its hot form but there is also the iced coffee drink which is a substitute for the method of which the drink can be presented.



The clinical studies show that moderation in the consumption of coffee is mildly profitable for fit adults and a progressive research is still being made on the effect of long-term coffee use on if it helps alleviate the danger of some diseases, and there is still a popular poor value of results produced in such readings. The initial credible indication of the ingestion of coffee beverage drinking has been recorded to have taken place in a southern Arabian country called Yemen, this was done in the 15th century in the Sufi shrines of the Yemenis. It was in this place of Arabia that the Arabian coffee seeds were first heated and fermented in a typical way to how the beverage seeds are now organized.

The seeds of the coffee plant were first moved from the eastern part of Africa to the Yemen country. The Coffea Arabica seed plant was initially thought to have its roots in Yemen, where it was thought the Yemenis traders planted and harvested the plants but it was later discovered that the coffee plant was taken from Africa by the Yemenis traders and taken to Yemen to be harvested. In the 16th century, the coffee bean plant production and cultivation had spread to some other places of the Asian continent, it reached places like the Persian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and even in some empires of northern Africa. From that place, the coffee plant spread to the European continent and all other remote empires of the world.

The coffee today is one of the many major exporting products in many places of the world. The coffee bean is one of the peak agricultural export product, which is exported to countries who are unable to cultivate the plant in their own lands. The coffee bean today is undoubtedly one of the most valued commodities, which is found in the world. There is some argument concerning the fact that coffee production has brought bilateral trade concessions between the developed countries and the developing countries and also some arguers say that the coffee production impacts the environment where it is produced in some unknown ways.


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The reason for this argument stems from the fact that the planting and the harvesting of the coffee plant, affects the clearing of lands used for growing the coffee and the water use of the coffee as well. Irrespective of this flaws the trade for the coffee plant and the organic coffee bean plant keeps growing to accommodate more demands. The normal way of planting the coffee plant is by placing 20 seeds in every hole at the start of raining season. The reason why this method is usually practiced is that of the simplicity of planting the plant but the flaw about this method is that you can lose about a 50 percent of the seeds latent.

However, a more acceptable and efficient method of growing the coffee plant is the methods adopted by the Brazilian coffee farmers. The seedlings of the coffee seeds are grown by growing the seedlings in a nursery bed, which is then cultivated outside in a period of 6 to 12 months. The coffee is then intercropped with food stocks, which include the corn, rice or beans in the due course of the first few years of the harvesting by the farmers and in this time the farmers become popular with the plant’s needs.





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